Tree Cooperative Program

The Village of Riverside sponsors annually the Cooperative Tree Planting Program every fall. The program is designed to promote tree plantings in parkways and public setbacks. As an incentive, the Village offers a 50/50 price match to all residents wishing to plant a tree in front of their property on the parkway or setback.


This program usually starts towards the first of September, and is announced through the newspaper, Riverside Review, and website. At that time, Public Works will accept orders on a first come, first serve basis.


Information will be posted and updated online under "For Residents" and "Current Projects and Initiatives."


Residents who wish to plant a tree on their private property will not be eligible for a reduced price. The Village will only cover half the cost of trees planted in the parkway or public setback. Public triangles, parks, and commons are also not included in the program.
Newly planted tree in front of a green neighborhood house.


Tree prices vary based on the tree species selected and sizes available, and all purchases include the tree planting, mulch, one gator bag, and a year guarantee. In addition, donations for the program are tax deductible.