Background and Management of Emerald Ash Borer

Public Ash Trees

The Village of Riverside has been aware of the insect's potential impact and has been taking measures to prepare for the inevitable Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infestation.

Information Distribution

Information has been distributed to residents through door hangers, public meetings, informational displays at the Riverside Public Library and Township Hall along with the Riverside Review, press releases, and local newspapers.

Surveying the Area

Starting in 2006, the forester began surveying efforts to detect the EAB in collaboration with the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDA) and Morton Arboretum. Bark peeling surveys were performed in 2006, 2007, and 2008.

At the request of the Village Forester, the IDA began supplying purple traps in 2009 as a way to detect the insect without destructive harvest of the trees by bark peeling. In 2010, the Village received notification that one of the four purple traps had been confirmed with one adult EAB. Read the Emerald Ash Borer Confirmation Letter from Illinois Department of Agriculture (PDF)

In 2011, the Forester increased the number of traps in the Village to determine the insect population in the Village. Based on trapping results, the insect population had continued to increase. In late 2011, the Forester discovered the first infested tree near Ames School, in a neighboring triangular park at Repton and Southcote Roads. Since the discovery, the ash trees in the triangular park have been removed and the first mailing of letters to residents will take place in spring of 2012.

Continuous Efforts

The loss of our ash trees is a man made natural disaster that will be a significant time and resource sink for the Department of Public Works for years to come.

Removing Public Infested Trees

The Village of Riverside is committed to mitigating the impact of this non-native invasive insect by the removal of pubic infested trees for public safety and reforestation efforts as funding allows and planting spaces become available. Please take time to review the Village's Emerald Ash Borer Policy (PDF) officially adopted by the Board of trustees on January 17th, 2012 and FAQs (PDF) regarding implementation and management strategy.

The Village of Riverside, using GIS, has identified and mapped ash tree locations on public land. To see the impact this pest could have on parks and parkways in your neighborhood, please review the following  Public Ash Inventory Map. As an infested tree is identified in a quadrant, letters will go out to notify residents with ash trees on their parkway. A copy of the EAB Quadrant Letter (PDF) and adopted Emerald Ash Borer Policy (PDF) is available for your review.


Treatments with insecticides are being studied. For further information regarding insecticidal treatments, please follow the links below. The Village of Riverside does not plan to treat any public ash trees due to the long term economic commitment and the lack of long term research of the chemical treatments. Instead, the Village has chosen to invest in tree replacement as opposed to chemical treatments.

Private Ash Trees

The Village must comply with all state and federal regulations. Therefore, the Village must mandate the removal of any infested or infected trees deemed a nuisance by the State of Illinois. The Village of Riverside Municipal Code has been updated to add Emerald Ash Borer to our existing Diseased Tree Ordinance.

Quotes for Tree Removal

If you have received a letter regarding ash trees on your private property, please consult following information for guidance on obtaining quotes for tree removal. The Village recommends that obtain three quotes for tree removal from certified arborists who can provide proof of insurance. To find an Arborist for consultation visit the International Society of Arboriculture page.

Property Owners

Please read the Emerald Ash Borer for Homeowners December 27, 2012 (PDF) information from the Morton Arboretum.