Payment Options

Have you ever uncovered your utility bill buried on your desk, only to find that it is due tomorrow? Did you forget to mail your check before you left for vacation?

The Village offers several convenient options for residents to pay:

  • Police Citations
  • Parking Tickets
  • Utility Bills - can also be debited directly from your checking account.
  • Parking Permit Renewals
  • Vehicle Sticker Renewals
Online Payments - Woman Entering Credit Card Information into Laptop

Free Online Bill Pay

Residents can access online payments by clicking here. Your bill can be paid 24 hours a day using Discover, MasterCard, Visa or e-check directly from your checking account.

This service is free. There is no convenience fee when paying online. This fee is absorbed by the Village.

Pay by Phone

Call 855-895-2537 to access our 24-hour telephone payment system. You will still need your utility account number, and you can pay with Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or e-check.

Use of the pay by phone system is convenient and free.

Direct Debit

Never pay a late fee again! Many utility customers already take advantage of our direct debit program. Your bank account is debited on the date your bill is due. Customers still receive a bill and can always be sure their utility account is up to date and paid in full.

Would you like to receive e-billing on your utility bills? Fill out a request form.