Benefits of Rain Barrels

Rain barrels capture rainwater from your roof and save it for when you need it. By keeping this water out of the sewer system, they can also help prevent sewer overflows and flooding.


You can use rain barrel water to wash your car, water your lawn, or clean work boots and tools. Rain barrel water is naturally free of chlorine, lime, and calcium and some gardeners swear their plants prefer it.

However, since rain barrel water is runoff from your roof, do not drink it.

A Part of Any Yard

Most homes can benefit from several rain barrels. If you have areas of unpaved, pervious ground near your downspouts, rain barrels should work in your yard. Homeowners throughout Cook County have incorporated rain barrels into their yards with great results.

Green & Upcycled

Our rain barrels are made using repurposed or upcycled food barrels so they are doubly green.