Groveland Berm

Currently, there is a floodwall on Groveland Avenue; however, due to the elevations in that area, flooding occurs around the floodwall.  The scope of the proposed Groveland Avenue Levee Flood Risk Management Project includes extending the existing floodwall. By extending the floodwall, flooding in this area will be diminished significantly, however, it will not remove those properties from the floodplain.

This project was presented to Village staff in 2015; however, at that time it was noted that the Village did not have the resources to fund the non-federal portion of the project. Discussions resumed in 2017 after Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) notified the Village that they would fund the non-federal portion of the costs of the project. The modeling that was completed by both, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) was reviewed by the Village Engineers at Burke Engineering. 

The US Army Corps of Engineers outlined the Groveland Avenue Levee Flood Risk Management Project and the benefits to the residents in the impacted area at the Village Board Meeting on Thursday, April 5, 2018.  Representatives Burke Engineering will in attendance at the meeting to answer questions from residents and the Village Board.  Representatives from MWRD and IDNR are unable to attend the meeting, however, they reviewed various modeling, participated in discussions and are supportive of the project. Below is an outline of the project costs and a tentative timeline:

Estimated Project Costs

  • Project Engineering and Design:  $659,465
  • Construction Management:  $299,172
  • Lands and Damages:  $513,632
  • Relocations:  $1,021,993
  • Construction:  $4,665,820
  • Total Project Costs:  $7,160,082
  • Federal Cost:  $4,654,054
  • Non-Federal Cost:  $2,506,028

Tentative Timeline

  • Finalize Project Partnership Agreement – June 2018
  • Final Engineering and Design – July 2018 thru September 2019
  • Award Construction Contract – Fall/Winter 2019
  • Construction Begins – Spring/Summer 2020
  • Construction Ends – Summer 2022

If the village is supportive of this project moving forward, the next step is to finalize a Project Partnership Agreement for Village Board approval and to approve an Intergovernmental Agreement with MWRD for funding the local share (non-federal portion) costs of the project.