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Posted on: November 15, 2018

Snow Removal Reminders

Snow Flake in Sun

Snow on Driveway Aprons

No one likes removing snow from the driveway apron only to have the snow plow pass by and push the snow back up onto the apron.  The village recommends waiting to remove snow from the driveway apron until the roads have been plowed from curb to curb.  There are over 3,300 driveways in the village and there is not enough equipment and personnel to clear snow from driveway aprons. Please do not push snow from driveways out into the street as this can cause hazardous driving conditions.

Fire Hydrants

Please do not pile snow on the parkway near a fire hydrant.  Keep fire hydrants near your property clear of snow.  This will greatly help firefighters in the event of an emergency.  

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Although the village does not have an ordinance mandating that snow be removed from public sidewalks, please be a good neighbor and clear the public sidewalk in front of your property.  Doing so helps keep Riverside a walkable community.  Clear sidewalks help ensure students walking to and from our local schools and commuters walking to and from the Metra station have a safe passage.  

Refuse Collection

Refuse collection can be more difficult during the winter months when there is snow on the ground.  The village respectfully requests that all refuse and recycling containers be placed on the driveway apron or parkway adjacent to the street.  Please do not put containers in the street as this can create a hazard for drivers and makes snow plowing less efficient.  

Sump Pump Discharge

Village Code prohibits sump pumps and downspouts from discharging onto sidewalks or streets since the water freezes and creates a hazard.  Ice can also create a dam that prevents melting snow from reaching storm sewers. Sump pump or downspout discharges should be a minimum of 25 feet from the public sidewalk in front of your home.  Please take a moment to assure that your sump pump and downspouts are in compliance.

Assistance with Snow Removal

Please look out for neighbors who may need help with snow removal and offer assistance if possible.  "Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly and most underrated agent of human change." - Former Nebraska Governor Bob Kerrey

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