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  1. Application for Garage/ House Sale Permit

    You may have a garage sale or house sale once every calendar year. Use this form to request your permit be sent to you at no charge.

  2. Commuter Permit Parking Wait List

    Parking spaces for commuters (from 6:00AM to 9:00PM) are available in two parking lots in the Central Business District. Since the... More…

  3. Request eBilling of Utility Bills

    Did you know that you can receive your Village of Riverside utility bill through e-mail? Complete the form below, validate your e-mail... More…

  4. Vehicle Sticker Application (Print Only)

    Please use this form to apply for a vehicle sticker. It must be printed out and brought or mailed to the Village Offices with your... More…

  1. Automatic Payment of Utility Bill (Print Only)

    Please use this form to enroll for automatic payment of your utility bill from your checking account.

  2. Pet License Application (Print Only)

    Every dog/cat old enough for a rabies inoculation should be registered and licensed with the Village. You can use this form to apply... More…

  3. Residental (24 hour) Permit Parking Wait List

    Permitted parking spaces are limited for residents in the Central Business District. Use this form to sign up for the wait list and we... More…