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Park Banner Request

  1. 1. The Village will have sole authority for the installation and removal of all banners.

    2. Banners shall be constructed of cloth, vinyl or other light fabric and adhere to the following specifications:

        a. Banner dimension of 4 feet in height and 8 feet in length;
        b. Available pocket holes along the top and bottom horizontal sides capable of accepting tubing with an outer diameter of 1 and 1/8"

    3. Banners will be installed at a height of at least 4 feet from the ground (measured from the bottom of the banner)
    4. Banners will not be illuminated and will be displayed for a period not to exceed 10 days.
    5. Banners advertising the sale of alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
    6. Banners will be limited to Village civic organizations (e.g. Boy Scouts, Garden Club, governmental jurisdictions, church organizations, and not-for-profit charitable organizations).
    7. A banner that is torn or damaged due to wind, vandalism, etc. will be promptly removed by the Village.
    8. Any firm or organization requesting the installation of a banner will agree to hold the Village harmless from any liability or damage resulting from the injury to persons or loss of personal property.

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