2021 End of Year BASP Offering

The Riverside Parks and Recreation is excited to offer a specialized before & after school program for your child in accordance with the District 96 schedule starting April 12th. This program offers 2 different biweekly enrollment options based on your supportive needs to extend the school day for your student. It will take place Monday through Friday for Ames, Blythe, Central, & Hollywood Schools in accordance with the District 96 schedule for grades 1 - 5 located at a Riverside Parks & Recreation facility. Register as soon as possible! Cohorting mandates will enforce an adherence to small group sizes. Location may be subject to change based on enrollment. Must register the Tuesday of the session prior to your start date. This program will adhere to IDPH guidelines and is subject to change or cancellation based on safety protocols as enforced by the CDC and Public Safety. 


Registration for these programs provides online options for initial registration. After receiving your registration, Parks & Rec will send you forms that must be submitted prior to your child(ren’s) start date. Registration is biweekly to adhere to IDPH cohorting guidelines. The registration deadline is the Tuesday prior to each biweekly enrollment. For your flexibility, select your desired sessions and your extensions! This schedule is in adherence with D96 school attendance days. The Riverside Parks and Recreation Before & After School Program combines recreational and educational enrichment opportunities for children at District 96 that emphasizes individual betterment. 

About the Program

Safety & support are the pillars of our program. We will plant a curiosity for learning, develop friendships, and strengthen skill sets. This program will provide students with a safe and comfortable  alternative that is a positive social and educational environment. Students will look forward to our program weekly!

Perks of the Program

  • Academic Support
  • Safety
  • Recreational Opportunities
  • Social Engagement
Dates are in accordance with the District 96 calendar. 

Program Options

  • Before School Session 7:00 AM - 8:15 AM
  • After School Session 2:55 PM - 5:00 PM

Cabin Daze

  • Riverside Parks & Recreation offers full day options on most scheduled school days off for District 96. These days will be primarily be scheduled at the Scout Cabin, 417 Fairbank. Participants will move around throughout the day if possible and adventure to different parks and public spaces within the community. Registration information is available on WebTrac, find what is currently available by searching "School Days Off." 

Payment Information

Register online here. Type your school name into the Activity Search for a speedier arrival to your registration page. 

Payment for each session is due in full.