Sidewalk & Parkway Repair

Riverside's public parkways are an integral part of the original Olmsted design, and a defining characteristic of this Village. Sidewalk and parkway maintenance is important to the Department of Public Works because it provides a unifying look and eliminates safety hazards. The following are links to the annual programs the department provides to maintain the public parkways:

Sidewalk and Parkway Hazards

Public Works is committed to keeping Village parkways safe. If you see a parkway hazard, whether it is a low hanging branch, a cracked sidewalk slab, or a raised valve box, please report this information by calling our office.

Responsibility for Damage

Typically the property owner provides for the general care and upkeep of their portion of the parkway since they see the direct benefit, increased curb appeal and property value.

However, since a variety of entities desire, and have, access to work on public parkways including the property owner, utilities (Comcast, ComEd, Nicor, AT&T), building contractors, and Village contractors, the Department of Public Works must retain oversight to prevent neglect in restoring and maintaining the integrity of these public lands.

Damage Deposit

Anyone working on the parkway is required to put in a damage deposit with the Building department. During any project, the entity that causes damage to the landscaping or the sidewalk, is solely responsible for fixing the damage, and should not seek cooperative programs with the Village.

Inspection After Project Completion

When the work is completed it is ultimately the responsibility of the Public Works Department to inspect the parkway and verify that it was properly restored. For more information on Village code concerning sidewalks and parkway restoration read the Department Policy and Permits.