Sidewalk Replacement Program

The Village of Riverside is fortunate to have a comprehensive network of 47 miles of sidewalks. Over time concrete sidewalks are susceptible to cracking and heaving. As the sidewalks become deteriorated they create safety problems for pedestrians. In order to eliminate these hazardous sections, the Public Works department developed The Sidewalk Replacement Program.

Each year during the spring, the Public Works department evaluates and selects areas needing sidewalk repair. Evaluation is based on the following criteria:

Sidewalk Condition Chart

Condition Type
Vertical Displacement/Settlement
Side Slope
Red Equal to or greater than 2"
Equal to or greater than 2" per foot (e.g. tree root)
Yellow Between 1-2"
Between 1-2" per foot
Green Less than 1"
Less than 1" per foot

Prioritization & Planning

The Village's sidewalk replacement program sets the goal of inspecting all Primary (high-volume) sidewalks every year and all Secondary (low volume) sidewalks at least once every three years (budget, personnel, and weather conditions permitting).

  • Primary (high volume) – Strives for annual inspection of the sidewalks around schools, churches, and in the area of primary business/merchant districts that are considered high pedestrian areas.
  • Secondary (low volume) – Strives for minimum tri-annual inspection of all bikeways on municipal easements or other property owned by the municipality.

Construction Based Inspections

The Village incorporates construction based inspections to align with capital projects. Construction based inspections evaluate sidewalks in close proximity to capital projects, which utilize a concrete contractor to achieve better overall pricing. In addition, sidewalk replacements that have accrued throughout the year are included on this replacement schedule.

Reporting a Hazardous Sidewalk

If you know of deteriorated and/or hazardous sidewalks the Village encourages residents to report the location immediately. You may Report a Concern on the Riverside Responds app or call the Public Works Department at (708)442-3590.