Community Development


The Community Development Department is responsible for issues related to land use and development. 

The Community Development Department:  

  • administers the Village’s codes and standards as set forth in the Municipal Code and the CMAP Central Business District Plan; 
  • conducts long-range planning projects; 
  • reviews development proposals; 
  • implements Village policies related to economic development, historic preservation, and land use; 
  • enforces the building codes, issue permits, and conduct inspections of all phases of construction to ensure that building and fire regulations are being met to protect the safety, health and welfare of residents; 
  • implements the rental registration and inspection program for properties with three or more rental units; and
  • responds to questions about drainage and stormwater management.  

The Department also conducts annual business life safety inspections in conjunction with the Fire Department. The Department serves as the liaison for the Planning & Zoning Commission, the Preservation Commission, and the Economic Development Commission.

Annual Reports

2022 Community Development Department Annual Report (PDF)

2021 Community Development Department Annual Report (PDF)

2020 Community Development Department Annual Report (PDF)

2019 Community Development Department Annual Report (PDF)

Residential Rental Registration Program 

In 2021, the Board of Trustees approved a new rental registration program for multi-family properties. Rental properties must register contact information for building ownership and identify the number and addresses of units in the building, along with various other information. Each unit must be inspected once every three years, to ensure quality of life and safety of residents in Riverside. Multi-family buildings with only owner-occupied units are not included in this program.  

Program information, registration, inspection scheduling, and Frequently-Asked-Questions can be found on the Rental Registration Program webpage.  

Bed and Breakfast License

The Village approved the bed and breakfast license ordinance in 2013. The license is valid for one year from the date of issuance. The license allows the owner/operator to provide sleeping accommodations in up to five (5) guestrooms without cooking facilities, and breakfast. No alcoholic liquor shall be sold or otherwise provided for use or consumption by registered guests on the licensed premises. Bed and breakfasts are permitted in business districts. They are a Special Use in residential districts and require additional approval from the Board.

Bed and Breakfast Application and Regulations