Building Permits

The Village of Riverside requires a building permit prior to work beginning for many building and construction projects (including alterations and repairs). 

Please note that new permit applications and contractor licenses must be applied for online. 

Do I Need a Permit? 

See our quick guide (PDF) for whether your project needs a permit. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Apply for Permit button Opens in new windowApply for a Permit (Click text or image above)

To apply, please create a User Account for BS&A Online or login with an existing account. Online portal users are able to track project progress, schedule inspections, submit documents, and review property details. 

Note: With the new online system, at each step in the process, the applicant will get a status update. The first update will tell the applicant that their application is approved (submitted). The permit is not approved for issuance until the intake/plan review/issuance steps are complete and the permit invoice is paid. 

User Help Guides 
Create a BS&A Online User Account (PDF)

Contractor Learning Center (website & videos)

Help Guide: Apply for a Permit (PDF) 

Help Guide: Apply for a permit (video) - Coming Soon!

Application Process Demonstration (starts 4:44)(11 min. video; presented to Village Board 6/15/23)
Application Process Presentation Slides (PDF)

Pay for a Permit

Schedule Inspections

Building Permit Process Packet (PDF)

Water/Sewer Projects - Important! (PDF)

Stormwater Management Permit Incentive Program (PDF)

Permit Fees
Building permit fees are assessed at 1.75% of the job value with a minimum fee of $100. Additional fees (such as plumbing or electrical fees) may apply depending on the type of work. Plan review and other deposit fees may be required. 

See detailed fee and bond information (PDF)

Permit Plan Review and Inspection Services
As of February 2023, the Village of Riverside contracts with Lakeside Consultants for plan review and inspection services. Their team works with and on behalf of the village to perform assigned building operations. Contact the Lakeside team at 331-274-9630 if you have building code-related questions.   

Please note: Effective January 1, 2016 the new Illinois energy efficiency code went into effect. All permits submitted after January 1, 2016 must comply with these regulations. (Exceptions for local historic landmark buildings may apply.)

How do I submit my permit application?

We encourage the electronic submission of all permit and license applications and have implemented online processes to allow for the efficient review and payment of building permit fees, Contractor’s License fees, and Certificate of Compliance fees. 

Please use the Apply for a Permit link above to begin creating a User Account for BS&A or login with an existing account to access the online portal. Users are able to track project progress, schedule inspections, submit documents, and review property details. 

Contractor Login

Contractors who already have a BS&A Online Account can link to the Village of Riverside's portal with their web PIN. Contact the Village at 708-447-1241 or email to get connected for your new project.