Building Permits


To ensure proper social distancing and to reduce in-person contact during the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage the electronic submission of all permit and license applications. To this end, we have implemented online payment processes to allow for the remote payment of building permit fees, Contractor’s License fees, and Certificate of Compliance fees. Once applications have been reviewed, we will send an invoice and online payment instructions via the email provided at time of application. We encourage you to mail or email your applications to  

At this time the Village Offices have been closed to the public.  If you cannot submit applications or payments electronically, they can be placed in the silver dropbox in front of Township Hall any time or for larger plans in the plastic dropbox in front of the Village Offices front door between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday - Friday.

In-person building and compliance inspections have resumed. Please call 708-447-1241 to schedule.

The Village of Riverside requires that all building and construction projects (including alterations and repairs) that cost more than $500 obtain a building permit prior to work beginning.  However, no demolition of a building (in whole or in part), structural, electrical or plumbing work of any kind may be performed without a permit regardless of the cost. (Plumbing or electrical work shall not include routine or regular maintenance and/or minor repairs.)  Certain projects such as accessory buildings (i.e. shed or garage), fences, decks, and driveways require a building permit regardless of cost.
Building permits (PDF) are required by the Village as a means of protection. Permits establish objective criteria and standard practices to protect both property owners and residents, neighbors and, in general, all citizens of the Village. The permit process insures these parties that: 

  • Contractors are properly licensed and bonded.
  • Work complies with building and life safety codes.
  • A level of quality work is maintained throughout the Village.
  • Appropriate building setbacks are maintained and property lines are not compromised.
Please note: Effective January 1, 2016 the new Illinois energy efficiency code went into effect. All permits submitted after January 1, 2016 must comply with these regulations. (Exceptions for local historic landmark buildings may apply.)

Please see the Building Permit Process packet for detailed information.