Invasive Species Control

One of the key elements to Olmsted's design was his suggestion to incorporate and use native species for the landscaping within the village. Each year, to promote the health and success of native species, the Forestry Department works to eliminate and mitigate the growth of invasive species.

Controlled Burns

When weather conditions allow, usually during the Spring, Public Works will do a controlled burn. This is one of the best ways to prevent invasive species and to promote growth of native species. Fire is a tool used to stimulate the natural regenerate of many native species. 

A majority of our controlled burns take place in the natural area around the Des Plaines River, specifically, Riverside Road, Fairbank and Bloomingbank.

Control Burn Process

The control burn process is fairly simple. It involves:
  • Designating a Contained Area
  • Having an Emergency Plan
  • Keeping Constant Observation and the Burn Manageable
  • Notifying Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) and Surrounding Fire Departments
  • Using the Proper Instruments

Smoke Management

Probably the biggest issue is managing the smoke. Public Works always attempts to choose a day when wind conditions will carry smoke away from nearby residences and roadways.

If you have health concerns, please contact Public Works to be added to a notification list prior to burning. This may include Asthma or other respiratory issues.
Infographic of the Top Invasive Species in Riverside

The most common invasive species.