Tree Pest Control

The Forestry Department is very active in preventing and mitigating tree pests. The Forester makes time to survey our urban forest.

During the year infested or diseased trees are identified and removed from both public and private property.

Pest Being Monitored

The pests the Village of Riverside is currently monitoring include:

Preventive Measures

Some of the preventive measures the Village is using include treating with chemicals, and planting hybrid species, and removing infested or infected trees to control the spread of insects or disease. 

Maintaining Diversity

One of the key missions of the Forestry Department is to maintain a diverse stock of trees so that when a pest can not be controlled and does wipe out a specific tree, the Village still has a well established tree canopy. Species diversity is the best practices to mitigate the impact of insects and disease in our urban forest.
Riverside Forest with Fog