Contractors & Subcontractors


Every contractor (including subcontractors) working in Riverside must be registered with the Village. The following is required:
  • Contractor's license application and $100 licensing fee (valid for 1 year)
  • $10,000 surety bond in the name of the Village of Riverside
  • Certificate of Insurance showing general liability and workman's compensation (if required by State) with the Village of Riverside listed as the certificate holder
  • A copy of the State license for relevant trades (roofers, etc.)
  • Note: Plumbers and Fire Sprinkler contractors need only supply the State license and the contractor's license application form. There is no fee for registration.

Contractor License Application - must upload insurance & bond to submit
Contractor License Application (PDF)
Waste Contractor License Application (PDF)
Contractor and Sub-Contractor Requirements (PDF)

There is a penalty for starting any work without a current contractor's license and/or building permit.  License and Permit Fees will be doubled and multiple violations may result in a contractor's license being revoked.

Contractor Recommendations

Village employees cannot make recommendations or referrals for contractors. However, we can provide a list of currently registered contractors by trade.
If you want to verify that your contractor has a current license, please call the Community Development Department at 708-447-1241.

​Tips for Working in Riverside

Information for Landscapers and Tree Trimming (PDF)

Information for Contractors (Building) (PDF)