Water Meters

Since 2006 the Village uses a remote, automatic-read water meter developed by Sensus. Meters have a life span of about 15-20 years and then should be replaced.

Most Riverside residences only require a 5/8-inch meter, and typically residences do not require a meter larger than 3/4-inch.

Cost Schedule

Size Price
5/8 Inch
3/4 Inch
1 Inch
1 1/2 Inch

Size & Pressure

It is important to note a larger meter does not equate to increased water pressure; in fact installing a larger meter may actually result in a drop of pressure. The significant factor in determining the proper meter size is the number of fixtures in the building. By reading the Illinois Plumbing Code page you can get a better idea of the meter size your residence or building requires.


You can set up an appointment and learn the size and price of the meter you need by calling the Department of Public Works.

The following link has more information about the frequently asked questions about Water Meter replacement and installation.