Sprinkler Systems

In order to meet state mandates, the Department of Public Works keeps a list of all property owners with underground lawn irrigation (sprinkler system). By law any homeowner with underground lawn irrigation is required to have a reduced pressure backflow preventer (RPZ) and have it inspected annually. This inspection insures that no contaminated water will flow back into the Village's potable water supply.  Failure to comply may result in property's water being shut off.

Prior to installation of a sprinkler system, a permit must be obtained from the Village Building Department. If you need to report your property's sprinkler system, please call the Department of Public Works at 708-442-3590.

Disconnect Inspections

If your lawn sprinkling system has been disconnected, please contact the Public Works Department to set up an appointment for a disconnect inspection.

Annual Inspection & State Regulations

This annual RPZ inspection is required under the State of Illinois Plumbing Code 890.1130 (c). A certified copy of the report must be on file with the Village of Riverside. The Village requires that all inspections be completed and the report received by the Public Works Department no later than July 1st of each year. Please send reports to:
Public Works Department
3860 Columbus Boulevard
Riverside, IL 60546
Sprinkler System

Ordinance Violation

If a copy of the certified report is not received by July 1st of each year, the Public Works Director is authorized and directed to discontinue the water service to the property for violation of this Ordinance.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Perform regular maintenance to your sprinkler system to avoid waste and maximize water use. Be aware of where sprinkler heads are aimed to avoid watering the pavement. Set your timers, and use a rain shutoff device.