Vehicle Stickers are now available online

Riverside vehicle stickers are now available; however, there will  be no over the counter sales this year due to current social distancing requirements.  

Once your payment has been processed, your sticker(s) will be mailed to you.  Payment options include online, by phone, by mail and through the silver drop box in front of the Township Hall.  Regardless of payment method, stickers will be mailed.

  1. Renew Online
  2. Transfer Online
  3. New Vehicle Online

Riverside vehicle stickers renew annually on June 30.  The deadline to renew has passed. Citations have been issued for past due renewals.  If you received a citation in the mail, please do not ignore it.  Please respond in writing to explain the disposition of the vehicle.  If you no longer own the vehicle, please let the Village know by sending an email to Please include proof of sale as an attachment. We can then remove the vehicle from the database.

General Information

Riverside residents must purchase and display a vehicle sticker for every vehicle that is registered to a Riverside address, regardless of where the vehicle is garaged or stored. Vehicles housed by Riverside residents but registered elsewhere are also required to have a Vehicle Sticker. (Village Code Section 9-5-2). The Vehicle Sticker (license) must be renewed annually and secured to the lower right corner of the front windshield by June 30th.  A $10.00 late fee will be added each month after the June 30th due date.  Please call the Village Office at 708-447-2700 if you have questions.

Vehicle Sticker Ordinance Summary (PDF)

Disabled Veteran / POW Vehicle Sticker Application
The Village does not charge a vehicle sticker fee to disabled veterans or former POWs.

Please email with questions or concerns.
Close up back side of new silver car parking on the asphalt road

Vehicle Sticker Rates

Truck owners, bring your state verification for weight verification.
Schedule of Fees
Autos, RVs and motorcycles
Trucks $100
Over 8,000 pounds
Transfer $5
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