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Renewals - 5th Round Late Fees Due February 29, 2024

Have your invoice handy and follow the steps below to ensure you renew correctly before the deadline. Your invoice number is located at the top right corner of your invoice. A sticker will be mailed to you following payment.

Payment Options

  1. Renew online on the Building Department Online Payment Service by typing in your invoice number if there are NO changes to the information printed on your invoice.
  2. Renew online on E-Pay ONLY if there are changes to the information printed on your invoice or if this vehicle is an addition to your household's fleet. You will be prompted to enter in the old and new information.
  3. Mail in renewal invoice received in mail with a check made payable to the Village of Riverside. Do NOT use the Village's water bill envelope when mailing your vehicle renewal; this will be delivered to the wrong address.
  4. Silver drop box - Drop off the renewal invoice with payment in the silver drop box outside Village Hall

Beginning October 1, a $10 late fee was applied to all unpaid vehicle sticker renewals. This fee will increase by $10 each month until paid. Starting on March 1, a $50 citation will be issued on top of the late fees for all unpaid renewals.

If you have any questions, please email for assistance.

General Information

Riverside residents must purchase and display a vehicle sticker for every vehicle that is registered to a Riverside address, regardless of where the vehicle is garaged or stored. Vehicles housed by Riverside residents but registered elsewhere are also required to have a Vehicle Sticker. (Village Code Section 9-5-2). The Vehicle Sticker must be renewed annually and secured to the lower right corner of the front windshield by September 30th. A $10.00 late fee will be added each month after September 30th. On April 1, 2024 a $50 citation will be issued.

Senior Discount

NEW IN 2023/2024: Seniors who qualify for the Illinois Department on Aging's Benefit Access Program are eligible for reduced vehicle sticker license fees. In order to obtain reduced license fees, eligible participants must enroll in the Illinois Benefit Access Program and provide their Benefit Access Control Certificate and vehicle registration. Both of these documents must be registered to the same name. Vehicle stickers will be discounted by 50% once a certificate and vehicle registration is provided to the Village.

Those applying for the senior discount must register their vehicle in-person at Village Hall. Online payments will not be accepted.

For assistance registering for the program, the Riverside Township's Community Resource Center located adjacent to the Village Office is available. They may be contacted at (708) 853-9578 or

Benefit Access Program Flyer

Disabled Veteran / POW Discount

The Village does not charge a vehicle sticker fee to disabled veterans or former Prisoners of War (POWs). The linked form below must be provided along with Documentation from Department of Veteran Affairs showing determination of service related disability or POW status.

Please email with any questions or concerns.
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Vehicle Sticker Rates

Truck owners, bring your state verification for weight verification.
Schedule of Fees
Autos, RVs and motorcycles
Trucks $100
Over 8,000 pounds
Transfer $5