Electric Aggregation

Following the passage of a voter Referendum in March 2012, the Village of Riverside contracted to procure electric supply in bulk for residents and small business owners. The average participating Riverside resident enjoyed savings on their ComEd bills for several years. Since the summer of 2012, the program has enabled an estimated reduction of an equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions from 200 million pounds of coal burned.

At the June 15, 2023 Village Board meeting, Trustees approved a contract with Dynegy Energy as its supplier for its Green Electric Aggregation program for the 12-month term from October 2023 to October 2024. Participating residents and small business owners will receive a fixed rate of 7.571¢ per kWh for their electric supply and enjoy the added benefit of 100% Green Energy via Renewable Energy Certificates (“RECs”) at zero added cost to that fixed rate. RECs allow you to claim that the electricity you use comes from a renewable energy source. The EPA states, “If you buy the REC, you are now the owner of that Green Power." A REC represents a specific amount of electricity produced and delivered to the power grid by a renewable energy source, such as wind or solar. One REC represents one 1 Megawatt-hour (MWh) or 1,000 Kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Village of Riverside Retains its High EPA National Ranking: Through this program the Village will retain its designation as an EPA Green Power Community and its high national ranking (as of July 2023, #3 in the USA) as an—at zero added cost to you above the fixed 7.571¢ rate. For more about how Renewable / Green Energy and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) work, visit ilagg.com/sustainability.

Bright Lightbulbs

Residents and small businesses received a notice mailed on August 11, 2023 to their ComEd billing address. Ratepayers received one of the following notices:

  1. OPT OUT—Residents and small business owners formerly enrolled with our former supplier MC Squared, or with ComEd will receive an opt out notice. If they do not take action to opt out (pre-paid postage card and contact information included), they will automatically be enrolled with Dynegy Energy at their October 2023 meter read dates.
  2. INFORMATIVE ONLY—Residents and small business owners enrolled with another alternative supplier, or who are Net Metered, or who are on an Hourly Rate program or will receive an informational only notice and will not be enrolled.

For more information, email DESCustCare@Dynegy.com or call Dynegy Energy at 844-351-7691.

Program Benefits:

  • Guaranteed fixed rate of 7.571¢ for the twelve months from meter read start date in October 2023 to meter read date October 2024
  • No hidden fees, no termination fee, flexibility to join or leave the program 
  • The Village retains its designation and high ranking as a US EPA Green Power Partner Community, at zero added cost to the fixed supply rate
  • Residents’ power consumption is offset by Green Energy via RECs generated from renewable generation sources
  • The Village’s Carbon footprint will continue to be reduced

No one from Dynegy, ComEd, or the Village will ever visit your home or call you to enroll. If a solicitor claims to be the Village supplier, Dynegy, or ComEd, please take their information and report the incident to the ICC at www.icc.illinois.gov/complaints. Never reveal your ComEd account number or allow a solicitor to view your ComEd bill unless you are certain you wish to enroll with that supplier and have read all terms and conditions. If you’ve additional questions or complex issues to resolve, please reach out to the Village’s consultant, Illinois Aggregation Consultants at hello@ilagg.com or 312-751-2202. IAC will gladly assist and respond to all your questions. To discover the current month’s ComEd rate, visit ilagg.com/comedrate.

No Changes in Your Billing

Ratepayers will continue to receive one monthly bill from ComEd with the Village of Riverside fixed rate of 7.571¢ from Dynegy Energy. You will still be eligible for the same programs you are eligible for now through the utility, such as Budget Billing, payment agreements and energy efficiency programs. The only change may be the supplier noted on your ComEd bill.

Opt-Out Instructions

If you choose not to participate, you can elect to be removed from the program contacting Dynegy Energy’s Customer Care desk at 844-351-7691 or DESCustCare@Dynegy.com. You may vacate the program at any time during the 12-month contract; there is never an early termination fee to do so.

Please note that you also have the option to purchase electricity supply from a Retail Electric Supplier (RES) or from ComEd pursuant to Section 16-103 of the Public Utilities Act. Information about your options can be found at the website created by the Illinois Commerce Commission for customer information: PlugInIllinois.gov. You may request from the Illinois Power Agency, without charge, a list of all supply options available to you in a format that allows comparison of prices and products.

Alternatives to Aggregation

If you choose to opt out of the Village's aggregation program and secure your own electricity supply, the following resources may help regarding solar programs.

Cook County Residential Solar Installation ("Sun and Save") Program

The Cook County Department of Environment and Sustainability launched the Cook County Sun and Save program. This initiative installs solar photovoltaic (PV) systems at no cost for income-qualified residences and homeowners in Cook County. Cook County Sun and Save fully covers the cost of residential solar system installations as well as some roof and electrical repairs on income-eligible owner-occupied homes in Cook County that meet the program’s guidelines. This program makes solar installations more accessible for eligible Cook County residents.

Households that would like to participate in the Cook County Sun and Save program must meet all the following requirements:

  • Homeowners of single-family and small multi-family residences of four units or less located within Cook County.
  • Homeowner must live in the home to be considered owner-occupied. For small multi-family homes of four units or less, the owner/property owner must live in one of the units and is required to be the primary applicant for the program.
  • Household income of the homeowner must be between 80% and 120% of the Area Median Income.

Illinois Solar for All (ILSFA)

ILSFA is a State of Illinois program designed for income-eligible homeowners, renters, non-profit organizations, and public facilities. Income-eligible participants pay no upfront costs for a solar installation or subscription. Participants will save money on electric bills and take control of their energy future. It’s also good for our environment and your community!

You may be eligible for ILSFA if your household income is 80% or less of the Area Median Income. ILSFA uses state and utility funding to help meet renewable energy goals. The program pays incentives to approved solar companies to help expand the benefits of solar energy to more families, organizations, and communities across our state.

There are several options you can take:

1. Residential Solar: For single-family homeowners and owners of multi-family residential buildings. A solar company will work with you to install roof- or ground-mounted panels at your property to save on household energy bills.

2. Community Solar: For single-family homeowners, renters, non-profit organizations, and public facilities. Rather than install panels at your property, you subscribe to a solar array within your utility area and earn solar credits on your energy bills.