Accredited Arboretum Status 

River and Green space
As a National Historic Landmark District, Riverside is known for its 1869 landscape design by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. Critical to sustaining this designation, and preserving Olmsted's vision, are the naturalistic plantings of trees and shrubs in the Village's green spaces.  

In September 2015, the Village of Riverside was recognized as an arboretum for its unique tree plantings, and for its stewardship of the landscape.  As explained in the Village's arboretum plan. Riverside is a unique arboretum in that:
  • Its tree collection is part of a thriving, vital residential village
  • The design of the public plantings reflect Olmstedian principles of naturalistic groupings and layers of under story and canopy trees
  • The special emphasis of the collection is on native trees and shrubs

You can take a virtual tree tour using Riverside's Tree Inventory Map and zoom in to see all the tree labels on a block. Better yet, go to Guthrie Park near the train station where tags will describe the trees. View enhanced data about Guthrie Park.


ArbNet is an online, interactive community of arboreta that supports the common purposes and interests of tree-focused public gardens.  For more information on ArbNet or the accreditation process, visit their website.
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