Traffic Safety Initiatives

In 2017, the Village Board engaged Kenig Lindgren O'Hara & Aboona, Inc. (KLOA) to conduct a village wide traffic safety study, and to make recommendations regarding projects to improve pedestrian and vehicle safety and traffic circulation within the village.  In 2018, the village implemented the following traffic safety improvements based on recommendations included in KLOA’s Village Wide Traffic Safety Study.

  • Approximately 2,704 feet of 4 inch wide parking box lines were marked on pavement on both sides of Woodside Road from Delaplaine Road to Park Place.
  • Large 25 MPH speed limit markings and reflective striping were added to the following village streets: Westbound Longcommon Road near Harlem Avenue, Eastbound Forest Avenue near First Avenue and Southbound Woodside Road at 31st Street.
  • The word “ONLY” and a new right turn arrow were marked on the pavement on Southbound Woodside Road near Park Place.
  • Seven new stop bars were marked on pavement: Two at Addison & Longcommon Road to create a four way stop; two at Bartram & Nuttall Road to create a four way stop; two on Herbert at Gage Road to create a four way stop, and one on southbound Riverside Road at Burling Road to establish a stop.
  • Traffic delineators were embedded on Southbound Woodside Road at Park Place to increase visibility.  Additionally, new traffic signals and overhead street lights were installed at Park Place & Woodside Road.
  • A traffic table (calming device) was installed (temporarily) on the 200 block of Lionel Road and has been well received by area residents.
  • The village also implemented a village-wide 20 MPH Park Zone Speed Limit and appropriate signage was installed in all designated park zones.  Riverside police officers were also given a written directive on the new speed limits and parameters for enforcing them.

In 2019, the village plans to make additional traffic safety improvements that include enhanced crosswalk markings, enhanced pedestrian striping at crosswalks and installation of some enhanced signage.  This work will be done once the Barrypoint Road resurfacing has been completed.

Additionally, the Metra Pedestrian Improvement Project in downtown Riverside will be completed in 2019.  This project will dramatically improve both vehicle and pedestrian safety near the Burlington Northern (BNSF) railroad tracks and along Barrypoint Road and East Quincy Street. 

The goal of all of these enhancements is to increase overall safety throughout the village. The Village Board and Staff welcome your feedback and suggestions on these improvements and other topics. Please email your comments to:  Village Manager Jessica Frances.