Rental Registration Program

 In order to promote the health and safety of all Riverside residents, multi-unit rental properties are required to register annually with the Village. Property inspections take place once a year, and individual units are inspected once in a three-year cycle. Inspections are intended to ensure that rented housing in Riverside complies with general safety and code standards. 

Properties with three or more rented units are required to renew registration by December 31, 2022 and pay the $15 per building annual registration fee. In November, the Village will mail information regarding the registration, renewal, and inspection process to applicable properties.

If you own a property with three or more units and you do not receive registration information from the Village, please email Village Planner Anne Cyran at or call 708-447-1241.

Rental Unit Registration

  • Property owners must have renewed the registration for each building used as a rental property by December 31, 2022. Registration renewal information for 2024 will be sent in early November 2023 with a December 31, 2023 deadline.  
  • Registration applies to all dwellings in the Village of Riverside containing three (3) or more residential rental units and they must be registered in order to have tenants.
  • See Registration FAQ for more information. (PDF)
  • See the Multi-Family Residential Rental Registry Ordinance that was passed in 2021.

Renew A Property Registration

The Online Registration Form is now available and properties must renew prior to December 31, 2022. Please use the online form below to renew the registration for each rental property. Upon confirmation that the submitted information is complete, staff will send the registration invoice. After properties are registered, inspections will be scheduled. 

Residential Rental Registration


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Step Two
  • Step One

    1. I/We, the undersigned, hereby provide to the best of my knowledge information required for under and by virtue of the Ordinances of the Village of Riverside for Residential Rental Registration. 

      Registration is due annually. Each rental property consisting of 3 or more units must complete a separate registration.

    Schedule a Property Inspection     

    Once a property is registered, it is time to schedule rented unit inspections. In the first round of inspections (2022-2024), properties either schedule an inspection that will be conducted by the Village of Riverside, or those without any property violation in the last year can hire a third-party, professionally licensed inspector to conduct the inspection using the Village's inspection checklist and certify that inspected units meet required standards. 

    Searching for properties compliant with the Rental Registration Program  

    When initial registration is complete, the village plans to make a list of registered property addresses available to the public and prospective renters. When properties successfully complete inspections, a listing of issued rental registration certificates will be made available. The program is new and therefore these lists are not yet available. 

    Contact Village Staff: 

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    Please Note: 
    The village is still finalizing its list of rental properties.
    If your property is a solely owner-occupied building such as a condominium or single-family home, you may disregard the program letter sent in early December 2021. If you would like to call or email us, we will be able to confirm your removal from this listing.