Library Exhibit

Central Business District (CBD) in Miniature

Artist, Gretchen McCarthy, has sculpted the buildings in the CBD in miniature.  The Library, the Town Hall, the Driver Block (a.k.a. Malden Block or Bank Building), the Arcade Building (originally called the Stores), the Train Station and across the tracks, the Water Tower are all represented.
 Gretchen has created these wonderfully sculpted objects to help raise funds for the Riverside Historical Museum. They are for sale at the library during business hours and at the museum (Saturdays 2:00p.m.).
 She has made it possible for all of us to purchase these little treasures to display in our own homes.
 Gretchen was educated at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and resides in Riverside.

The Riverside Public Library has an exhibit case near the stairs that houses small rotating displays of our historic memorabilia. 
Visit the Library's website for hours of operation.