Presentation and Lecture Videos

Training at Swan Pond - May 13, 2022 

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Part 2
Part 3

Training at Swan Pond - June 24, 2022
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Design for the Ages Landscaping Video - January 4, 2022

Home Rain Garden Discussion Panel - April 29, 2021

Walk With the Illinois Botanizer – Aug 10, 2019 Chris Benda takes participants on a walk to identify Illinois native plants.

Talk With the Illinois Botanizer – Aug 10, 2019 Chris Benda discusses Illinois native plants and which ones to grow in your garden

Olmsted’s Offspring: From Riverside to Seaside - Mar 24, 2019 Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk discusses the influence of Frederick Law Olmsted on urban design.

A Bird’s Eye View of Riverside – Sep 27, 2018 Melinda Pruett-Jones discusses how to attract birds to your garden.

Olmsted Society: The Impacts of Exotic Species on Native Trees – Mar 8, 2017 Lydia Scott from the Morton Arboretum discusses various aspects of trees both exotic and native.

Olmsted Society: Riverside’s Arboretum and Swan Pond: Plans and Progress – Jan 20, 2017 Cathy Maloney discusses Riverside’s designation as an arboretum and the plans for Swan Pond.

Olmsted Society: Rethinking Your Lawn – May 11, 2016 Stephanie Walquist from West Cook Wild Ones discusses the benefits of native plants.

Landscape As Community: Riverside in the 21st Century – September, 2015 Scott Mehaffey talks about the importance of Riverside’s green landscape.