C4 Initiative

The Village of Riverside is a voluntary participant in the new Cross-Community Climate Collaborative (C4) initiative. C4 is a regional collective effort by West Central Cook County municipalities. The effort is designed to bring together communities to share ideas, secure resources, and drive large-scale projects within and across communities that achieve agreed upon greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions, equity, and sustainability goals. All C4 goals and objectives will align with three fundamental Imperatives: Resiliency, Equity, and Climate Protection. 

Draft Initiatives Banner for C4 Website page Jan 24

See Preliminary Recommendations for a Community Plan: 

See Brief Report (PDF)

See detailed summary report for each of the 32 broad initiatives (PDF)

Please review the summaries above and share your opinions by Wednesday, February 28th!  

Use the comment form to share your input (Survey Monkey Link)

The C4 Team in Riverside, after a year of collecting ideas, analyzing actions and best practices for meeting C4 and Riverside community goals, has arrived at thirty-two preliminary initiatives for consideration by the community and major stakeholders.  

The reports (Brief and Detailed Summaries above) represent a proposed framework for Riverside’s Climate Action & Resilience Plan. 

Community stakeholders such as the Village and Township Boards, the School District, Public Library, Chamber of Commerce, and various Village boards and commissions, were asked in late 2023 to review these initiatives and consider the current and potential synergies with their mission and operations.  We now open the comments to all other community organizations and individuals with interest in reviewing or contributing to this effort.  

Community Summer Survey Series

Thank you to community members who completed our series of seven short surveys on C4 topics. The C4 Team is analyzing the feedback and determining the best way to use the information. A Comprehensive Summary of all results was shared with the Village Board of Trustees on July 20, 2023. 

See the Survey Summary Report (PDF)

January 19, 2023 Road to 2050 Event: Approximately 75 Riverside community members attended the January 19 Road to 2050 event. Attendees were introduced to the Village's participation in C4 and asked to share their vision for how Riverside can prepare for a resilient, equitable, and environmentally-conscious future. Hundreds of thoughts were shared as groups were asked to focus on six primary areas, including Place, Prosperity, Health & Wellbeing, Connectivity, Living Infrastructure, and Resource Regeneration. All ideas shared by the community at the Road to 2050 event have been transcribed into a PDF spreadsheet (see Quick Facts column on this page). 

Project Timeline

06/16/22Village Board approves joining C4
12/12/22First Meeting of C4 Team Leads
01/05/23Announced community engagement event 
01/19/23Road to 2050 Community engagement event (Riverside Township Auditorium, 7:30 p.m.)
01/20/23Road to 2050 Community Survey released
02/02/23Presented summary data from Road to 2050 event to Village Board
02/28/23Released video introductions to the six primary C4 Initiatives
03/02/23Presented draft evaluation tool to Village Board 
04/30/23Released a seven survey series about ideas generated by Riverside residents
06/15/23Village of Riverside joins Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Greenest Region Compact
06/20/23Completed Asset Mapping activity to visualize benefits and barriers to sustainability
06/22/23Participated in 2023 Green Town Conference
07/20/23Shared Survey Series Results with the Public
07/29/23World Nature Conservation Weekend in Riverside
11/07/23Completed gap analysis; priorities shared with stakeholders for feedback
Jan 2024Coming soon...Plans shared with public for feedback!