How can I get a tree planted on my parkway?

The Forester implements a Cooperative Tree Planting program throughout the Village. Typically, we will begin taking orders on a first come first serve basis in mid July. The cost of the tree varies based on the species offered with an average cost of approximately $150 per tree from each resident. The Forester likes to work with each homeowner to select the appropriate species for each parkway.

If the program’s time frame or tree selections are not preferable, you may also choose to submit a Parkway Landscaping Permit for our consideration. The permit is no cost to residents and enables the Village to update our tree inventory database and provide guidance on appropriate tree species selection.

The Village does not plant on private property. Funding for the program is subject to budgetary constraints. For further information, please review

Landscaping in a Landmark Village 2021 (PDF)

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