I just purchased a home in Riverside, what do I need to do?

Review the Certificate of Compliance Letter

The seller should have given the buyer the Certificate of Compliance letter in closing. The Certificate of Compliance letter lists any non-conforming zoning features on the property. Unless otherwise stated in the Certificate of Compliance letter, the seller and buyer are not required to take immediate action to correct any zoning deficiencies. The purpose of the letter is to inform the new owner of any non-conforming zoning issues so they understand what standards apply to the non-conforming features. Please contact the Community Development Department at permits@riverside.il.us or 708-447-1241 if you have questions about the Certificate of Compliance letter.

Review Payment Options for Water & Sewer Service

See the Water & Sewer Bill Payment Options page for further information. 

Purchase Vehicle Stickers and Pet Licenses

Vehicle stickers must be purchased with 30 days of moving in. See the Vehicle Stickers page for further information.
Pet licenses must be renewed annually before September 30. See the Pet Tags page for further information. 

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2. I just purchased a home in Riverside, what do I need to do?