Where is commuter parking available?

Commuter parking is available in 2 places:

Lot 1 is south of the tracks, west of the train station. Some metered spaces are paid by the hour/day and some are sold as quarterly permits. The spaces with blue number signs are for metered parking, and the spaces with brown number signs are for quarterly permit holders only. The cost is $165 per quarter for commuters or $200 per quarter for 24-hour parking.

Lot 8 is located south of the tracks, east of the crossing. These spaces are only for permitted daily commuters at a cost of $165 per quarter.

There is generally a short waiting list (1 – 3 months) for spaces in Lot 1 and a longer waiting list (approximately 5 - 6 years) for spaces in Lot 8. Please contact the Finance Department to be placed on the waiting list. You will be called as soon as something becomes available.

To pay for hourly parking online, click here to visit the Passport Parking website.  You may also pay by phone at 708-716-0716.  Riverside is Zone 60546.

Map of Riverside Parking Lots

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