What will be the size of the replacement tree?
Plants can range anywhere from one and a half (1 ½) inches in diameter, to two (2) inches in diameter. Tree height is dependent upon species characteristics and can vary dramatically. The Forester purposefully chooses to plant specimens on the smaller side because smaller trees establish quicker, and admittedly are more affordable. When a tree is dug from the nursery, a substantial portion of its
root system (feeding system) is removed (as much as ninety (90) percent). This makes new trees very difficult to transplant and establish. The larger the new tree, the more difficult it is to transplant and establish, which causes the rate of failure of newly installed trees to dramatically increase. The increased purchase price, and increased failure rate (which results in added cost of subsequent replacement,
equipment, and labor) of larger trees has proven to be a challenge to effective use of transplanting dollars. Therefore, the size of tree installed is that which the Forester feels best suits it ability to rapidly establish, quickly put forth new growth, and provide the best, long-term, quality and quantity of trees which benefits our community.

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1. What is EAB?
2. Why is this the first time I am hearing about this?
3. Where is EAB?
4. What are the treatment options?
5. Is the Village treating ash trees for EAB?
6. Should I treat my parkway tree or privately owned ash trees?
7. The parkway tree looks so healthy, how do you know it is infested?
8. Does this insect harm any other trees?
9. How many Village ash trees are there?
10. Will the Village contact me before removing my infested parkway tree(s)?
11. Will the Village inspect privately owned trees?
12. Why does an infected ash tree need to be removed; can we wait until the tree is dead?
13. If you identify an infected ash tree on my parkway, will you remove all of the ash trees on my parkway?
14. Will the Village remove the stump once the tree is removed?
15. Why do the plants, edgin, and landscape bricks need to be removed prior to stump removal?
16. Will the Village remove plants, edging, and landscape brick prior to stump grinding?
17. Will the Village replace the trees that are removed from the parkway?
18. How long do I have to wait for a replacement tree?
19. What will be the size of the replacement tree?
20. Can I plant my own tree?
21. Will the Village reimburse me if I plant my own tree?
22. Can I choose what type of tree will be installed?
23. Why can’t I choose the same tree as all of my neighbors?
24. This is the first I am hearing of EAB; why am I so far down on the replacement list?
25. Is this going to cost me anything?