What is the $30 fee on my utility bill?

The Village operates its Water and Sewer Fund completely from user fees for service. The Water and Sewer Fund receives no property tax revenue. User fees must cover the cost of operations including the cost of water, personnel, and debt service.

Over the past 10 years, operating expenses have increased 52% while offsetting revenues have only increased 36%, primarily because the cost of water has doubled.

The Village has used operational surplus to fund capital improvements such as the First Division Sewer Separation Project on a cash basis. The projects outlined in the Village’s 5 year Capital Improvement Plan will decrease the fund balance in the Water and Sewer Fund to below minimum levels by 2021. Imposing the $30 bi-monthly Water & Sewer Infrastructure Fee will allow the Village to fund current projects as well as other much needed improvements to our aging water and sewer systems.

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