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Commercial Filming/Taping


  1. 1. Step One
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  • Step One

    1. I. The purpose of this directive is to provide guidelines for requests for commercial use of streets, rights-of-way, public buildings, equipment and personnel in the filming of movies, TV shows, commercials and related activities. PURPOSE The Village Manager may authorize the use of any street, right-of-way, public building, equipment or personnel for commercial uses in the filming, photography or taping of movies, television programs, commercials, photoshoots, or training films and related activities. In conjunction with these uses, the Village Manager may require that any or all of the conditions and/or remuneration as specified on the application be met as a prerequisite to that use. The applicant agrees that the Village of Riverside shall have full control over the use of the public streets and buildings of the Village while being used, as well as control over the hours of production and the general location of the production. The Village of Riverside reserves the full and absolute right to prohibit all filming or to order cessation of filming if determined to be hazardous to the public health, safety and welfare. The applicant agrees to comply with all applicable Village ordinances. The applicant agrees to allow the respective Village Departments (i.e., Police, Fire, and Public Works) to inspect all structures and/or devices and equipment to be used in connection with the filming and/or taping. The applicant shall agree that the authorization granted pursuant to and in accordance with this application shall be for a specific time period to be determined by the Village. The applicant shall be required to contact any or all property owner(s) and residents in the affected neighborhood as defined by boundaries set by the Village Manager. The applicant shall write a short description of the proposed project along with the filming schedule to distribute to the property owners or residents. The applicant shall provide a report noting any owner or resident’s reaction along with the addresses and phone numbers of all property owners. This completed report must be delivered to the Office of the Village Manager prior to approval for filming. The applicant is also required to meet with Village staff at least 48 hours in advance of the desired production date. II. The Village of Riverside requires that a non-refundable application fee in the amount of APPLICATION FEE $500 dollars, made payable to the “Village of Riverside”, accompany any application for commercial filming, photography or taping. The applicant further agrees to provide a minimum refundable $15,000 damage deposit prior to commencement of the project. 319836_2 The applicant shall provide a report listing the number of vehicles and types of equipment to be used during the filming including their proposed hours of use and proposed parking locations. Such locations will need to be specifically approved by the Village Manager in order to maintain traffic safety and comply with local ordinances. Any commercial producer who desires to undertake a commercial film, photoshoot or tape production within the Village of Riverside will be required to complete and return this packet to the Office of the Village Manager within a minimum of one week in advance of the desired productions date. III. The producer agrees to pay for the costs of any Police, Fire, Public Works or other Village/ personnel or equipment assigned to the project (whether specifically requested by the producer or not) at a rate set forth in Section 8-2-24 of the Village Code of the Village of Riverside. Checks should be made payable to the “Village of Riverside”. USE OF VILLAGE PERSONNEL/EQUIPMENT IV. USE OF VILLAGE PROPERTY Depending upon the extent of the use of Village property, the producer agrees to reimburse the Village for inconvenience caused to Village of Riverside residents when using public property. The use of any public property shall be at the sole discretion of the Village Manager. The following is the rate schedule: * A. Total or disruptive use (regular operating hrs) of a public building = $825/per day B. Partial non-disruptive use of a public building = $510/per day C. Total closure of public street or right-of-way = $80/per hour D. Partial closure or obstruction of public street or right-of-way = $40/per hour These fees are subject to change without notice. V. The producer shall attach a certificate of insurance, naming the Village of Riverside as an additional insured, in the amount of $1,000,000 general liability, including bodily injury and property damage, and automobile liability (if applicable) in the amount of $1,000,000 including bodily injury and property damage. The Village of Riverside, its corporate authorities, elected officials, officers, boards, commissions, attorneys, employees and agents shall be named as additional insureds with respect to any and all claims that arise out of or are in any way related to the operations of the applicant while present in the Village of Riverside in connection with the commercial filming, photography or taping activities within the Village for which a permit is issued. CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE The producer shall also attach proof that the appropriate worker’s compensation and employer’s liability insurance have been provided for the employees of the filming company. 319836_2 VI. The producer shall sign the Hold Harmless Agreement in the application with the Village of Riverside holding the Village harmless from any claim that may arise from the operations of the applicant and their use of designated public property, right-of-way, or equipment in conjunction with the permitted use. HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT VII. Any other circumstances, conditions, or anticipated needs not covered in this administrative procedure document shall be included in the application. MISCELLANEOUS VIII. The producer or representative shall sign this copy of the administrative procedures for commercial filming/photography/taping and the application, and upon favorable consideration of the application, shall enter into an agreement with the Village subject to the aforementioned terms. The agreement must be signed by the Village Manager or his designee prior to any production activity taking place. A signed copy will be returned to the producer or representative. APPROVAL ****************** I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in these administrative procedures and the application.
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