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Pet License Application (Print Only)

  1. Pet License Application
    IMPORTANT: Current Certificate of Rabies Inoculation MUST accompany application.

    Fee is $10.00 Late renewals increases fee to $15.00
  2. Sex / Species
  3. I hereby certify that I am the owner or keeper of the above described dog/cat: that said dog/cat is entirely safe and has been inoculated within the last 36 months with a prophylicactic serum to prevent rabies by a registered veterinarian. I agree in consideration of the granting of this license 1) that I will have said dog/cat (if alive) again inoculated against rabies by a license veterinarian at or before the expiration of 36 months inoculation period; 2) that said dog/cat may be impounded, treated or disposed of by the Village, or its authorized representatives, in accordance with any of the provisions of the Village Code now or hereafter in force; 3) that I will deliver said dog/cat to the Keeper of the Pound or his representative or to any police officer of this Village at the time upon request of said Keeper of the Pound, representative or police officer; and 4) that I will permit such Keeper of the Pound, representative or police officer to take such dog/cat from my premises, or from the place where said dog/cat may be kept, for any purpose for which the removal or impounding of such dog/cat is authorized or permitted by any provision of this Village Code now or hereafter in force.
  4. If you have any questions, please contact the Village Office at 708-447-2700.
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