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Vehicle Sticker Application (Print Only)

  1. Vehicle Sticker Application
    Make Check payable to: Village of Riverside. Current Sticker must be purchased and displayed by June 30th.
  2. Schedule of Fees:
    Passenger Cars & RV's - $ 90.00, Motorcycles - $90.00, Trucks Under 8,000 lbs. - $100.00, Trucks Over 8,000 lbs. - $120.00, Transfer - $ 5.00. Fees increase $10.00 per month after due date.
  3. Additional Information
    All vehicles either housed in Riverside or registered to a Riverside address must display a current Riverside vehicle Sticker. There is no exception for vehicles rarely or never driven. Purchases can either be made in person at the Village Office, by mail (allow ten business days for sticker returns) or by dropping renewal/application form along with payment in the silver Village drop box in front of the Town Hall (no postage necessary).

    A vehicle sticker must be purchased within 30 days of buying a new car or moving into Riverside.

    Failure to receive notice does not excuse penalty charges. Vehicles not displaying a current sticker will be subject to monthly penalties and citations.

    The vehicle sticker must be securely affixed to the lower right hand windshield by June 30th.

    If you trade in a vehicle, you must bring in the old sticker for a transfer sticker at a charge of $5.00 within 30 days.

    If you believe the vehicle should no longer require a Riverside village sticker (i.e. sold, disposed, or is no longer registered or housed in Riverside), you must provide a copy of a vill of sale, proof of disposal, or proof that the vehicle is registered with the Secretary of State (Illinois or other state) outside of the Village of Riverside, Illinois.
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