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  1. Ask the Chief

    Questions or concerns for the Chief of Police? Use this form to contact him directly.

  2. Compliment an Officer

    If you wish to commend the actions of employees of this Department, you may do so here.

  3. Illinois Premise Alert Program

    The Illinois Premise Alert Program gives residents the ability to make first responders responding to an address aware of any unique... More…

  4. Resident Emergency Contact Form

    In case of emergency, the more information the responders have, the safer we all are. Use this form to give the police specific... More…

  5. Submit a Tip

    Do you have information on an unsolved crime or tip for the police? Fill out this form and remain anonymous.

  1. Citizen Complaint

    If you believe that the conduct of an employee was inappropriate, you may request to speak to a supervisor at the police station. This... More…

  2. Graffiti/Vandalism Report

    Keep the community clean by reporting any graffiti or taggers.

  3. Occupancy / Alarm Information (Print Only)

    Alarm permits renew each January. Village ordinance requires any premise with a burglar alarm to have a permit on file with the Police... More…

  4. Speed Trailer Request Form

    Riverside residents and business operators now have the ability to request the placement of the Village's speed trailer.

  5. Vacation Watch Form

    Resident request for security check.