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Occupancy / Alarm Information (Print Only)

  1. Alarm Type
  2. (If a business)
  3. (If a business)
  4. Are there Firearms on premises?
  5. Is there a safe on premises?
  6. In Case of Emergency - Contact Information
    Please list in order to call
  7. If Alarm is Activated - Contact Information
    Fill in only if different than above contacts
    Riverside Police Department will make every reasonable attempt to notify the above of an alarm activation, however, the Village is not required to notify anyone and failure to do so does not provide the alarm user any recourse. Further, the owner/occupant is responsible to maintain the accuracy of this information at all times. Complete form in its entirety. IF you have a security system, attach the annual $60.00 fee (pay: VILLAGE OF RIVERSIDE)
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