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General Volunteer Application (Print Only)


  1. 1. General Volunteer Application
  2. 2. Volunteer Liability Release Statement
  • General Volunteer Application

    1. Criminal Background Check Release Form
      I understand that a successful criminal background check is a condition of volunteering at the Village of Riverside and that while I may begin after a criminal background search has been initiated, such work will e conditional pending the return results of said search to the Village of Riverside.

      I consent to the Village of Riverside obtaining my criminal conviction and arrest history from the Illinois State Police or the FBI. I understand that all information obtained is considered confidential and will be treated as so.

      I understand I will be provided a copy of the criminal background check if any convictions or arrests are reported, and my duty under the law to notify the Village of Riverside within 7 working days if the information is inaccurate or incomplete.

      I hereby fully release and discharge the Village of Riverside, and any agents thereof, from any and all claims for damages or injury that may arise from my participating in or as result of the criminal background check.

      I have read and fully understand this release form.