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Park Banner Request

  1. Regulations

    1. Banners shall be constructed of cloth or other light fabric and be exactly eight (8) feet wide by four (4) feet in height with pockets on the top and bottom to accept a 2 inch mounting pole.

    2. Banners will be hung for a period not to exceed 2 weeks and must be picked up within 30 days of coming down. The Village is not responsible for banners after 30 days.

    3. Banners will not be illuminated.

    4. Banners will be limited to non-political civic organizations based in the Village which have been granted tax-exempt status under IRS Section 501(c)(3) or local governmental entities such as the Village of Riverside, Riverside Township, local school districts and groups/organizations sanctioned by or partnering with these entities. (See Banner Sign Policy for complete details.)

    5. Banners must be approved by the Village prior to display and the Village will have sole authority for the installation and removal of all banners.

    6. Banners that are torn or damaged due to wind, vandalism, etc. must be removed or replaced within 24 hours.

    7. Organization requesting the installation of a temporary banner in Guthrie Park agrees to hold the Village harmless from any liability or damage resulting from the injury to person or loss of personal property. Please note: Banners in Centennial Plaza are for Village announcements only.

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