Residential Rental Registration

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I/We, the undersigned, hereby provide to the best of my knowledge information required for under and by virtue of the Ordinances of the Village of Riverside for Residential Rental Registration.

Registration is due annually. Each rental property consisting of 3 or more units must complete a separate registration.

When registration is submitted, forms will be verified for completeness. A registration invoice will then be sent to the person identified as the Owner Agent.

Property and Owner Information

Owner Agent or Representative Information

Dwelling Unit Information

All rental dwellings listed will be inspected in a period of three years
I/We hereby certify that all of the information contained in this registration form is true and correct, that I/we am/are authorized to sign this document of behalf of this property owner; further that any false penalties provided for by law. I/We further state that we understand all of the ordinances of the Village of Riverside or the laws of the State of Illinois or of the United States of America.

NOTE: This is a registration form for rental dwellings and it is understood that fees will be paid and inspections will be scheduled and passed before a rental certificate of compliance is issued by the Village of Riverside, Illinois.

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